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Viod veren

Our vision

We go further than just supplying feathers. In addition to producing regularly recurring orders, we mainly work on customized solutions for our customers in our modern factory along the A2. The variation in springs is large and small differences in specifications result in springs that behave significantly differently from their predecessors. Each order thus leads to a new product. At Verenfabriek VIOD we believe in a market in which we realize solutions for daily or complex spring technical issues in close collaboration with our customers.

Viod veren

Our mission

We are happy to take on any challenge in the field of spring technology with you. Technische Verenfabriek VIOD is a solid party that is known in the market for its extensive knowledge and experience with spring technology and great resolving power. Our committed team makes its own choices and focuses on realizing a working solution for and in collaboration with you.


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