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VIOD springs

At VIOD springs, we have believed in close cooperation with our customers since 1950. We provide solid custom solutions for various applications. You can contact us for all your spring technical issues. We are happy to think along with you about, for example, the use and lifespan of custom-made springs. The continuity of your business operations is close to our heart.

Wide Range of the Spring Specialist

As one of the largest spring producers in the Netherlands, we focus on developing, producing and testing a broad and unique range of springs. We make

  • compression springs,
  • extension springs,
  • torsion springs,
  • wire springs,
  • circlips.

In addition, we have advanced, computer-controlled fully automatic and semi-automatic spring wrapping machines, lathes, automatic grinding machines, shot blasting installations, hardening and tempering ovens as well as our own epoxy painting shop. You are most welcome to come and have a look at our factory!


VIOD springs, solid custom solutions

We comply with the NEN-ISO 9001 2015 standard, under the auspices of Lloyds – proof that our quality assurance system meets strict requirements. Powerful, flexible, respond quickly and deliver as agreed, that makes VIOD a solid partner. In this way we guarantee our customers the best solutions with a constant quality.

Production capabilities

VIOD Springs can produce compression, tension, torsion and steel wire springs from KI-C spring wire (0.2 to 18mm), stainless wire (0.2-15mm), Chrom-Vanadium ( 10-80mm), Chrom-silicone (1-16mm), square spring steel (1-10mm) and rectangular wire. All products are produced according to DIN standards (2095, 2096, 2097, 2098, 2088).


The Partner for these Industries

VIOD springs develops springs and suspension solutions for different segments of the market.

  • Agriculture: Conveyor coils, tension and compression springs for agricultural machinery.
  • Infrastructure and environment: Push and pull springs for waste containers.
  • Recreation: Pull and compression springs for play and sports equipment.
  • Petrochemistry: Compression springs for refineries.
  • Construction: Compression springs for heavy industrial installations (including cranes, screens, crushers and conveyors) and for road construction machines. In addition, VIOD springs develops extension springs for sun protection.
  • Medical: Spirals for medical equipment.
  • Food industry: Compression springs for bottling machines.
  • Vehicle technology: Extension and compression springs for trailers and trailers. Torsion springs for trailer construction and, the only one in the market, leaf springs for tarpaulins

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