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Rally springs

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Rally springs

In rallying, road holding is very crucial, which is why the spring washer is extremely important. In rally sport, both unpaved and paved roads are driven and balanced shock absorption is essential.

VIOD springs produces custom springs for suspension in rally sport with extensive options in both linear and progressive wound car springs.

VIOD springs produces customer specific raised and/or reinforced coil springs for these applications. It is also possible to have custom stabilizer bars produced at VIOD springs for the 4WD market segment.

Production possibilities chrome vanadium 10-40mm chrome silicon 1-18mm

About VIOD

VIOD has been a leading specialist when it comes to springs for over sixty years. We work in both the automotive and industrial sectors. We produce recurring orders as well as custom solutions. Quality always comes first.

Do you need weighted springs? At VIOD you have come to the right place. We ensure that you can handle more weight with the reinforced springs, for more load or for rally and race. You tell us what you need and we produce the weighted springs according to your wishes.

Power and quality

With reinforced springs from VIOD you are sure of extra strength. And because of the quality we deliver, you are assured of a long-lasting effect. Because we go for customization, every weighted spring that we make is the right solution. Choose quality, choose VIOD:

  • Customization
  • Knowledge based on sixty years of experience
  • Nationally and internationally leading

More information

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