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Replacement springs

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Replacement springs

Need replacement springs to replace broken or slack springs? VIOD springs provides the replacement springs you need, regardless of the car model. The spring strength of the replacement springs can be even higher than the original ones.

Production possibilities chrome vanadium 10-40mm chrome silicon 1-18mm

Replacement springs

“Safely on the road again with replacement springs from VIOD”

Car springs do not last forever and have a lifespan of approximately 5 to 8 years. This is caused by use (kms, speed bumps) and weather conditions (snow, freezing, brine). After breakage, the original coil springs must be replaced by replacement springs with the same properties and road holding as the original car springs.

Since 1990, VIOD springs has been producing all replacement springs for every brand and type of car for its automotive customers from very high-quality chrome silicon and chrome vanadium material with a 5-year warranty.


Quality as a driving force

We make the best replacement springs with a passion for technology and with quality as the driving force. Because you need the replacement springs, we first listen to what you want. We deliver accordingly. Because of this approach you are always satisfied and that is why you choose VIOD springs:

  • More than sixty years of experience
  • Custom made replacement spring
  • High quality

More information

Would you like to order new replacement springs from VIOD or do you have any questions first? Please contact us via the contact form. We will answer you quickly.

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