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Tuning springs

For over 30 years, VIOD springs has been developing and producing lowering springs for the tuning market. Lowering springs are developed in accordance with the guidelines of the TUV standard and customer-specific wishes, whereby road holding must be optimal without sacrificing a lot of driving comfort.

Production possibilities chrome vanadium 10-40mm chrome silicon 1-18mm


The benefits of lowering springs

Installing lowering springs thus provides numerous advantages. In summary, lowering springs provide:

  • A beautiful, sporty look
  • Better road holding, because the center of gravity of the car is closer to the road
  • An improved stability
  • A lot of driving comfort

Do you want to give your car or that of your customer a sporty look and improved road holding? Order the lowering springs from VIOD springs today. In addition to a sleek look and improved road holding, the lowering springs also improve the stability of the car. On the other hand, the leaning in corners and the diving effect when braking will decrease.

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